2020/21 Season Updates

Week 4 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

after a long International Break, GW4 did not disappoint. Ronaldo immediately making an impact, Lukaku matching him and an Antonio red card were the high/lowlights of the week and we're straight into GW5 again this Friday.

Congrats to @Andy Georgevich for winning this week's Manager of the Week with a great score of 82 points.

Commiserations to @Mike Reiffsteck and @Mik Maloney who went out of LMS this week after both captaining Antonio. 19 remain in LMS as we go into GW5.

Our first Friday deadline this week since GW1, so don't miss it - good luck in GW5 everyone!

Week 3 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

GW3 is over and we're already on to the first International Break of the season - 2 weeks until the next deadline.

Another Manager of the Week for me and also the first Manager of the Month this season - a very fortunate Son goal today made that happen. @Mike Doherty and @Forrest Dyer come in 2nd and 3rd in the August Manager of the Month.

Commiserations to @tFox and the LMS reigning champion @Mikael Nilsson who went out in LMS this week with scores of 36 and 39 respectively.

2 weeks off until the next deadline and lots to think about with Ronaldo about to be added to the game and lots of confusion about who will and won't be quarantined after they play for their countries - good luck selecting those teams for GW4!


Week 2 Update

Hi All,

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

GW2 is in the books and another high scoring week with Antonio rounding off the week today with a brace and an assist. See attached for this week's summary.

Manager of the week this week is me with a lucky 94 points! Congrats to @Mike Doherty and @Forrest Dyer who were tied in 2nd with 88 points. @Mike Doherty impressively in the top 15k in the world out of 7.5M players!

This week Last Man Standing (LMS) kicked off. Antonio saved @Brian from elimination, getting him up to 55 points. Commiserations to @Chris Parkin and @Jake Dyer to are eliminated this week with scores of 49 and 39 points respectively. LMS result determines the draw for the European cups that kick off in GW18, so @Jake Dyer goes into Group A and @Chris Parkin into Group B. The remaining 23 managers now have a clean slate to go again in GW3.

GW3 kicks off early on Saturday morning, don't miss the deadline and good luck all!

Week 1 Update

Hi All,

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

The Premier League is back, what a great first weekend of football!

Attached is the update from GW1 - some huge scores to start the season.

Congrats to @Mike Doherty, picking up where he left off from last year with a great GW1 score and the first Manager of the Week.

Reminder that Last Man Standing kicks off in GW2 - the 2 teams with the lowest score of the week will be eliminated.

GW2 kicks off early on Saturday - 5AM Central time is the deadline for those in the US - good luck to everyone as this season's side games kick off.

Week 38 / End of Season Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or the Full Set and here for his excellent End of Season Recap

A very long and eventful season is finally over with a crazy last gameweek - so much fun when all the games are at the same time!

What a finish to the league race! @Eduardo Tierney seemingly had it wrapped up going into the final week only for @Mike Doherty to go 2 points ahead with Mane captain, until the 90th minute when West Brom wiped out the Leeds clean sheet. 3 points the difference in the end and both managers finishing in the Top 100k overall - incredible result!

Congrats to @Eduardo Tierney - double gameweek 35 was the turning point with an incredible 171 points - Ed was only 1st for 5 weeks of the season before GW35 and never let it go after that. Ed also takes home the prize for the highest GW score of the season and is clear at the top of the Hall of Fame All Time Rankings (can be seen on the website) now!

Congrats to @Mike Doherty also for coming in 2nd place in the league! Mike was top for 11 gameweeks in total and almost snatched it back at the very end.

Congrats to @Robert Aikens for 3rd place in the league. RC dominated the first half of the season, leading the league for 9 gameweeks in total and secures his highest ever league position this year as well as rising up to 2nd in the All Time Rankings!

In the Last Chance Saloon competition, @Mike Reiffsteck beat @Michael Adams even against the bench boost by 80 points to 71 in the Tier 1 final - congrats Mike! @Daniel Alvarez also beat @Scotty P by 1 point with a score of 42 to 41 to win the Tier 2 final in his first season in the league, congrats Daniel!

This year's Rookie of the Year, the award for the best performing newcomer, goes to @Jake Dyer who finished 9th in the league and won 2 manager of the weeks. Jake led the league for 2 gameweeks early in the season also. Lots of great performances from the newcomers this year so there was a lot of competition. Congrats @Jake Dyer!

Reminder also of the winners of the competitions that finished earlier in the season: I've sent/tried to send something for these 3 comps and will also be sending the League Trophy to @Eduardo Tierney - would love to see a picture of you guys with it if you'd like to share.

Attached are also some stats for the season - let me know if you'd like a download of your data as well.

Finally, I hope you've all enjoyed the competitions this season - it's been another challenging season with COVID and long drawn out gameweeks but hopefully this gave you some outlet and entertainment for the year. Hopefully fans will be back next season and we'll be somewhat back to normal. I really enjoy running the league and the side games and if you have any feedback for improvements I am always happy to hear them so please reach out.

Hope to see you all back in August for the next season!

Week 37 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

@channel the penultimate gameweek is over, just 4 days to go until the final gameweek!

Congrats to @Michael Adams and @Mike Reiffsteck for making it to the Tier 1 LCS final beating @Forrest Dyer and @Mikael Nilsson respectively. Congrats to @Scotty P and @Daniel Alvarez for beating @Nate and @tFox in the Tier 2 LCS semi finals and making it to the final in GW38. Good luck to all the finalists!

@Scotty P also picked up his first Manager of the Week with a score of 74 after a great Bench Boost - congrats!

In the league, @Eduardo Tierney pulls ahead again and now leads @Mike Doherty by 20 points going in to the final week. @Robert Aikens a further 19 points behind in 3rd. Anything can happen in the final week, which is usually pretty high scoring. I'm dusting off the prestigious trophy and preparing to engrave this year's winner's name - good luck all!

Week 36 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

With GW36 complete, we're on to the penultimate gameweek which kicks off on Tuesday and the return of fans in the stadium! I'm looking forward to a normal season next year (hopefully)!

Congrats to @Michael Adams @Forrest Dyer @Mike Reiffsteck @Mikael Nilsson for qualifying for the Tier 1 LCS semi finals. And to @Nate @tFox @Scotty P @Daniel Alvarez for making the Tier 2 semi finals. Reminder that $125 and $75 is up for grabs in the T1 and T2 competitions respectively.

Congrats to @Nate for also comfortably winning this week's Manager of the Week with 84 points after triple captaining Salah!

The league title race is heating up and reigning champion @Eduardo Tierney has slightly extended his lead to 14 points over @Mike Doherty with just 2 weeks left. @Robert Aikens is 40 points behind in 3rd.

Only 7 days to go until the season is over, don't miss the deadline on Tuesday - good luck all!

Week 35 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

Triple Gameweek 35 is over after a season high mini league average of 101 points!

Congrats to @Eduardo Tierney for a crazy high score of 171 points and this week's manager of the week. Ed also moves to 1st place in the league, 8 points ahead of @Mike Doherty and 39 ahead of @Robert Aikens with just 3 gameweeks to go.

Congrats to @Andy Georgevich @Cooper Reeves @Brian @mskouyoudjian and @Daniel Alvarez for making it through the Last 16 of LCS. GW36 (which starts tomorrow) will be the Quarter Finals of LCS - full bracket is attached.

Keep an eye out for the fixtures again, Leicester, Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal all don't play in GW36 - don't miss the deadline tomorrow.

Only 10 days to go until the season is over! Good luck all!

Week 34 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

A crazy weekend of football after fans storm Old Trafford and get the biggest game of the weekend (FPL and real life) postponed. Very unfortunate timing for our league with it coinciding with the Cup Finals - I apologize to those negatively impacted by it, but we have to accept the gameweek events as we have done all year with covid.

Congrats to @tFox who is crowned this year's Champion's League winner after a 4 point victory over @Andy Georgevich! Vladimir Coufal winning it for Tom with an assist in the final game of the gameweek.

Congrats to @Ryan Swaim for winning the Europa League by 35 points over @Mikael Nilsson after a strong bench boost. @Ryan Swaim also secured Manager of the Week with a score of 63!

With the European Cups over, we're straight into the Last Chance Saloon competition now, with only 4 weeks in the season left to go! Check out the bracket in the attached - @Mike Doherty @Eduardo Tierney @Robert Aikens and @Raymond Bleth the only players not qualified for LCS as all are within 75 points of the league leader. First round matches are here - everyone else that has qualified has a bye into the Quarter Finals.

In the league, @Mike Doherty is still out in front, 33 points ahead of @Robert Aikens and 46 points ahead of @Eduardo Tierney in 3rd. @Raymond Bleth is a further 25 points behind @Eduardo Tierney.

Keep an eye out for the fixtures, there is a double gameweek in GW35 and a blank in GW36 but the Man Utd v Liverpool game may impact the schedule in the next few days again so look out for further changes before the Friday deadline.

Good luck everyone in LCS and congrats again to the winners and finalists in the European Cups!

Week 33 Update

See DLC's Gameweek update PDF here: This Week or Full Set

Congrats to @Chris Parkin for this week's Manager of the Week with a big score of 62 after a successful Free Hit! Chris is the 20th different MotW we've had in the first 33 weeks - 5 more weeks left for the 5 remaining managers!

The semi finals of the cup are over - @tFox and @Andy Georgevich with some tactical maneuvers and good chip usage to beat @Mike Doherty and @Robert Aikens in the Champions League. @Chris Parkin did his best to try to catch @Ryan Swaim in the Europa League but the leg 1 lead was too great. @Mikael Nilsson overturned a 10 point deficit to defeat @Eduardo Tierney by 3 points.

@tFox and @Andy Georgevich now face each other in the CL final and @Ryan Swaim and @Mikael Nilsson in the EL final. Reminder that the final is 1 leg only in GW34. Good luck all!

Not much change in the league, @Mike Doherty's lead has extended a little to 29 points from @Eduardo Tierney and @Robert Aikens is a further 9 points back. @Raymond Bleth is 35 points behind @Robert Aikens.

Last Chance Saloon competition will be ready to kick off at the end of GW34, with Tier 1 including everyone in 13th and above in the league who are 75 points or more behind the league leader. Tier 2 cup will include everyone in 14th and below in the league.

Another Friday deadline for the cup finals and GW34 - don't miss it. Only 5 weeks to go!


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